The Squirrels Of Sam Sanfillippo

(Garth Johnson)

Is it
the remoteness of region.....

A form of isolation,
when you name things
like backyard animals?

Is it
A type of social retardation,
when you sing to them?

Squirrels -three: Mitzy, Gitzy and Squirrel
Rabbits -two: Pooter and Hot Cheese
Chicken -one: Ichaboda

I do not know if Sam Sanfillippo names his squirrels,
But he stuffs them, dresses them and puts them on display.

Cress Funeral Home
6021 University Ave
Madison, WI 53774
(608) 238-8406

("Cress Funeral Home Squirrel Display" by Decider + Madison)

Jaymi M. from Minneapolis, MN
gives this 5 star rating on Yelp

"The greatest place in America? Probably. I mean, where else can you find dead squirrel strippers, dead chipmunk cowboys, dead squirrels riding a mini ferris wheel and dead squirrels drinking booze?

(Diane Fox)


  1. I liked yesterday better. Just kidding. Carry on Flittermaus.

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  3. ooo... I erased myself?
    I cant win them all,
    but I do sing to Chickens.
    Thanks for noticing.