After discovering Decider + Madisons strange 'Cress Funeral Home Squirrel Display' video, I went on a web search for more information on Sam Sanfillippo's Taxidermic squirrel dioramas, a site that came to my attention during this search is 'Morbid Anatomy' and I have been hooked ever since. So, if your like me and spend hours looking at illustrated medical text at the library, I am sure you will enjoy.
Here is a taste ....


My name is Joanna Ebenstein, and this is my website ...

Morbid Anatomy

Morbid Anatomy is a project begun in 2007 to survey the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture. The Morbid Anatomy Library houses the ever-growing collection of books, catalogs, photographs, articles, ephemera and artifacts as source material for the ongoing Morbid Anatomy endeavor.

The Library-located at Proteus Gowanus-is open by appointment to the interested public. To make an appointment, or for more information, please contact Joanna Ebenstein at


All Photo's, I believe are by Joanna Ebenstein :

Morbid Anatomy


  1. Hey if you ever come to London I will take you to a muusuem at Guy's Hospital. It has a perfectly preserved 18th century operating theatre with operating tools, there's also a gruesome history of anesthetics.
    It's one of my favourite places and is well out the usual tour guides.The only people who work there are two goth girls..I'm always trying to convince em to open in the evening for a private party but they just laugh, I think they already do but just dont wanna invite me..LOL.
    Hope ur well and had a cool trip.

  2. Hey Nick, That sounds fuckin cool.
    I hope someday to take you up on that.
    If you come here I will be sure to take you on a Boston scum tour.

  3. Nice selection from MA.

    Don't forget the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia:

    Flit, I'm glad you mentioned this blog. I was aware of your art site but not this one. I'll certainly be following.

  4. Alan, it is a honor M8, that Mutter Museum link is the shit, thanks for that

  5. This was fascinating...I am so glad to have found a blog worth visiting cheers