Boy Fiends In Boston

(South Boston, unknown)

Born in a Boston slum

Sewer overflow
Dorchester Bay
"It would seem like
rotten eggs,
like rotten cabbage,"
A stench for killers

1879: Escape attempt. Unsuccessful.
1880: Escape attempt. Unsuccessful.
1880: Second escape attempt. Unsuccessful.

(Fig.165 Neonatology)

That is not a human-sized head
Not for a boy

The stigmata of degeneration
The limited intelligence
The blind and milky white eye
a dirty marble
"You could barely look
Without a shudder

(Jesse Pomeroy (detail) by Hueyinozkan )

1887: Escape attempt. Unsuccessful.
1887: Second escape attempt. Unsuccessful.
Funnel gas
and ignite it
1897: Escape attempt. Unsuccessful.

Only his youth can save him

The stab of the knife,
The puncture of the awl
The prick of the pin

At fourteen he was arrested for murder.

(Massachusetts Department Of Mental Deficiencies)

His rampage had begun three years earlier
Sexual torture
Seven boys
The scamp of the inhuman
An awful, oozing pulp
Gathering eyes with fishhooks
Slashing flesh with pocketknives

1911: Escape attempt. Unsuccessful.
1913: Escape attempt. Unsuccessful.

Sometimes a boy was found tied to a tree
Sometimes in an old barn
On some railroad
On a telegraph pole

Jesse Always Silent

Monday-Bread and coffee at morning and night: dinner, mush.
Tuesday-Hash for dinner: bread and coffee all the mornings and nights.
Wednesday-Beans. P.S.-They were splendid, you bet.
Thursday-Fish chowder.
Friday-Soup (meat)
Sunday-Beans or whatever is left from the front part.

1930: Escape attempt. Unsuccessful

(PopTartPomeroy By Saint Flit)


  1. Flit, do you think you will have to deny that any of the pics here are self portraits a la the nude boy pics in your abandoned house blog? You're a shy creetur.

  2. david, Sir, you have put the peg in the board, the nose on the clown... insightful and scary to me.
    Thanks for the comment. You are my first.

  3. Saint Flit..low bow....
    awesome page
    I really liked this Boston Story, the paired down language, to the bone, like the crimes, great stuff man
    Much Respect

  4. Hey Nick, cool to see you here, thanks M8.
    This started in the form of an essay on Jesse Pomeroy,
    then I started cutting it back. Until it ended up this skeleton form.