Thee, thee do I invoke, Anamadim, sculptor, whittler of the flesh, shameless burner of the fat of babes! Thee, thee do I invoke, whose whip brings the feral impulses of survival to bay, whose scalpel of control carves away every distraction and fixates the eye mercilessly upon a single goal, whose vial of metabolic acid dissolves all that is unsightly and wasteful and cumbersome from the bones of this frame, and that right quickly: thee do I invoke, ANAMADIM! Come to me!

Thee do I invoke, ANAMADIM, hidden mystical martial force of Venus, whose number is 147, destroyer of self-flattering illusions, championess of cold truths above and beyond all polite gestures of facile and manufactured compassion! O thou who art hunger and denial, triumph of fire over earth and air over water, thee do I invoke! Thee do I invoke, ANAMADIM, aloof, merciless, unyielding, unrelenting one! Fearful affliction of hideous strength! ANAMADIM!!

Thee, thee do I invoke! Thou who art feared and obeyed by nubile virgins throughout the globe, thou who dost inspire the heartaching illicit and forbidden lusts which cause the phalluses of men to throb with unrequited and unquenchable desire, thee do I invoke, ANAMADIM! Come to me! Come upon me! Descend into the depths of my being, take up thy residence herein, claim me for thy habitation from this moment onward, and design and decorate this thy temple as thou wilt!

Come to me, ANAMADIM! Enter me, ANAMADIM! Come, ANAMADIM, come enter and possess this shrine, devour this consciousness and this will freely offered to your pernicious designs! Bind thou mine appetites with bands of iron and steel, and fill me with the ecstasy of emptiness; eat away the excess of my flesh and render my form as parsimonious as the known universe. Shapeshift me to the image which forms the essence of desire and success; empower me to embrace and endure the necessary deprivations and disciplines; ensure that my efforts will not fall fallow upon the stones of dead weight, but liberate me to shed density, tighten the fibers of my being, and make light the vessel wherein I sojourn upon this earth. Transmute my water to air, that it weigh me not down, and purge my body and spirit of the needless and despicable things stored therein, that I may be free to fly upon the wings of the wind, sing of thy mighty deeds among the children of men, and vindicate thy name where it is demonized by the ignorant!


"I have created this site for those of us who are performing the art of anorexia, not for those who are suffering from the disease. It is for those of us who do not tolerate weakness and succumb to the greediness that our society upholds. For those of us who are learning about our true-selves underneath all that ugly fat that we are managing to remove. This site is for those of us who excercise utter control and will power to reach our greatly-desired goals.  For those of us wake up every morning to suffer day-to-day life, but still manage to live through it. For those of us who persevere even when the going gets tough and the support gets less and less." 

"This is not a place for the faint-hearted, weak, hysterical, or those looking to be rescued. This is not a place for those who bow to consensus definitions of reality or who believe in the cancerous fallacy that there is any other authority on earth besides their own incontrovertibly self-evident, inherent birthright to govern themselves."

Ana's Underground Grotto



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  2. i feel sick ...

  3. Kim, It is disturbing, but I don't know how I feel... a sense of wonder, maybe?

    I like your writing and your blog... Hi.

  4. I need some tips on binging please???

  5. I just found this post. I have been following Anamadim for quite some time and am surprised to find that you posted this on my birthday of this year.

    I have a candle burning for her as i type.

  6. "Anamadim" is just one in a million-these useless things. They are nothing, so they try to convince any of us who will pay attention that they are everything.

  7. The "art" of anorexia? Seriously? The people in those pictures are dying, not practicing any art. Anyone who believes this stuff is anorexic by definition. The people lin the pictures, the people who write this, and the people who believe it all need help. If anyone is profiting from this: damn you-for real-damn you. Oh yah, Anamadim is nothing.

  8. This website is an insult to anyone who believes in their right to govern themselves. I have to admit that I am impressed by the fact that my comments haven't been removed so far. I hope they stay. I'm going to keep making these statements as long as I can. It's my hope that what I say will help people recognize that this site is an empty lie. If you see my comments stop or dissapear, you will know that I've been censored. I think it's most likely that my comments just haven't been noticed yet. We'll see;)

  9. Well, it looks as though nobody visits this dopey site. That's as it should be. No real point in paying undue attention to it. I guess I'll just ignore it-like everybody else.!

  10. Wow-even I do not want to look quite like this, but I love my collar bones...
    This is scary and I've almost been there...