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Mu’s music is a lot like what a hyperactive child would sound like if raised on a steady diet of cartoons and acid.
- Alex Barnes

If you have a club and you are unsure who to book, book MU. When MU is done performing, book MU again. Repeat until GRACE JONES shows up. And then book MU again.
- Sasha Frere-Jones


Mu is a Sheffield, England-based duo consisting of Baltimore-born producer Maurice Fulton and his wife, Japan-born vocalist Mutsumi Kanamori.

Mutsumi Kanamori fronts it and her voice has all the wrong frequencies. It is an un-melifluous wonder, what some writer described as sounding like a psychotic Korean grocer's wife screaming at a shoplifter. Fulton chops it all up and dumps it back out in blasts of gated afro-cuban diarrhea.
-Posted by Daniel

Nothing short of complete knowledge of Fulton's background, behind aliases like Eddie & the Eggs, Boof, and Hot Sauce, could prepare you for this lunatic jumble of electro-punk, left-field house, and flat-out noise. Lovers of smooth, pure deep-house should duck and cover.
-Andy Kellman

Mu’s story begins 1997, when Mutsumi made good on her dream of making a life for herself outside of her native Japan. “I was thinking New York or London, it was two choices,” she recalls. With easier access to a British visa, Mutsumi soon found herself in London struggling from the pressures of adapting to a new country and a new language.
in 2001 she met the DJ and Producer Maurice Fulton at the nightclub the Electric Chair in nearby Manchester.


“He saw me dancing crazy on the dance floor,” Mutsumi recalls of meeting Fulton. “After he finished DJing he came to me and told me: ‘I’m going to make a song about you!’” Mutsumi and Fulton quickly began collaborating musically and recorded Mu’s first single “Let’s Get Sick” in June 2003 which was quickly followed by their debut album Afro Finger and Gel released in September of the same year.
-Alex Barnes


Let's Get Sick (12")      2003     Output    
Chair Girl / Let's Get Sick (12")   2003    Tigersushi    
Afro Finger And Gel (CD, Album, Promo, Car)   2003   Tigersushi    
Paris Hilton / We Love Guys Named Luke (12")    2004     Output    
Out Of Breach (Manchester's Revenge) (CD, Album)   2005   Output    

 Mu's catalogue is unfortunately out of print, but you can get a heaping taste of funk damage HERE!

Simultaneously fun and dark, ludicrous and serious... fucked-up and uplifting
— Andy Beta


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  1. why why WHY does dance music with a brain and a sense of humor slip through the cracks? You could do a side blog of Flit's Neglected Musicians ...