Splosh Me! The Boston Molasses Disaster!

"Yes, I know, lovely Hayley, have some warm treacle too
Fill your panties with edible muck."
'Father William'

by Gooey Carroll

And there it stood
on its concrete base
the tank
fifty-eight-feet of industry
plates of curved carbon steel
bulging with the product
black-strap molasses
over two million gallons
imported from Cuba
Puerto Rico
The West Indies
to sweeten the rum
to sweeten the beans...
baked in Boston
of course
of course

It was unseasonably warm
in Boston Massachusetts
40 degrees
on the 15th of January
in the year 1919
The laborers of The Purity Distilling Company
on the city wharf
in their short sleeves
by the tank
by the waterfront
eating their five cents
Clark Bars and Goo Goo Clusters

the door
of new historical ages
of the first blood of Christ
of the Holy Prepuce swathed
preserved in oil of nard
and placed in a box of alabaster
for the sins of you and yours
for the redemption of man

Fifteen is a triangular number
and a hexagonal number
a pentatope number
the 4th Bell number
It is a composite number
the number of supersingular primes
and miraculous powers

The 15th of January is the date of heroic inevitability
The birth date of
Martin Luther King
Gene Krupa
Harry Hay
Captain 'Don Glen Van Vliet' Beefheart
Charo: María Rosario
Pilar Martínez Molina
Moquiere de les Esperades
Santa Ana Romanguera
y de la Najosa Rasten
and Saint Flit
It is also the date of the deaths of
Brad Renfro
Les Baxter
Rosa Luxemburg
and Junior Wells

Janus Ianuarius with his two faces
looking forward and backward

It happened
January 15th
About and around
or 12:45...
depending on ones perspective...
On the wharf
of Bostons waterfront
amongst the apartments of Italian

The tank burst!
Bullet machine pop
Steel shrapnel whizzing
One could lose two eyes in
the semi-sweet sticky spurt
the brown viscous gush
the molasses tidal wave
25 feet high
60 feet wide
35 miles an hour
The creeping barrage of 20th century
seeping ever forward
in metallic farts
of utility

Of course
of course
the laborers were the first hit
then the poultry slaughterhouse
the horses feeding at the firestation
the children heading for lunch
the homes of the immigrants
the Italian anarchists
The earth moved under them...
it was like being licked by a hundred tongues of syrup
toes curled up to squeeze the grunge around
The warm violent squish across the soles
of their bare naked feet

A tidal surge of goo
chickens and children
screamed down Commercial Street
with no clear path or direction
it retracted and retreated
pulling at skin and clothing
Bodies restricted by the cut
of the dripping material
Sticky filthy clothing
Glazed shirt buttons tight across their chest
Candied trousers squeezing their genitals

Wet socks
soggy potatoes
piss stained union suits
metal scraps and beer barrels
Little Martin Clougherty rode
the surge of debris and ooze
his bed frame a raft
He rode pass
the elevated rail road tracks
He rode pass
the confectionery hands grasping
for air
He rode pass
the horses
and dogs
dying like fruits on flypaper
He rode
right into fireboat 31
tumbling into the mass
syrup filling his mouth
seeping into his waist band
clinging to his pajamas
warm stodgy filling coating his balls
dripping thighs and growing puddles

A report from 'The Boston Post' read
"Molasses, waist deep, covered the street and swirled and bubbled under the wreckage.
Here and there struggled a form
whether it was animal or human being was impossible to tell.
Only an upheaval,
a thrashing about
in a sticky mass..."

Even today
after a century of industrial pollution
When your down at Boston harbor
on a hot summer night
and you jump out the car
Because the older gentleman your with
just ejaculated over your brand new Brian Eno t-shirt
The one just after Roxy
about the time of 'Here Come the Warm Jets'
when he was androgynous

The Boston air hits your nose
sickly pungent and semi-sweet
just like an alcohol shit.



Oil-retention enemas can be helpful in patients who are impacted, meaning stool is so large and hard that it is obstructing the colon. An example of an oil-retention enema is a milk-and-molasses enema. Always consult with your health care provider before administering an enema at home.
Prep Time: 5 minutes

    * 8 oz. warm water
    * 3 oz. powdered milk
    * 4.5 oz. molasses

1. Put water and powdered milk in a plastic jar. Close the jar and shake until fully mixed.

2. Add the molasses and shake the jar again until the mixture appears to have an even color throughout.

3. Pour the mixture into an enema bag. Gently insert the enema tubing into the rectum about 12 inches. Do not force the tube and stop if you meet any resistance. Hold the bag high until all the liquid has been drained into the rectum.

4. Repeat every six hours until good results are achieved.
Milk and Molasses Enema


  1. Va va voom POW terrifico Flitino

  2. what beauty!!! (rip brad renfro)

  3. Kier! I know Brad was heartbreaking. Ever since 'Tom And Huck', I would have these teenage fantasy's that I would be Brad's boyfriend and we would drive across country robbing banks and blowing up strip malls.

  4. Flit
    with my black boots crossed
    I stand
    and bow low
    waving a path

  5. Thanks Nick, Means allot to me, especially from an artist that I respect. I am honored to be your friend from across the sea, truth.

  6. When Brad died, I wept. When Heath kicked it, I thought " That'll learn ye mister movie star."